Backlash – resources for freedom of expression and sexual autonomy
Chrysalis – Support with Gender Identity Issues
Elizabeth Davies – Alternative and queer friendly therapy
London Friend  –  Health charity, including addiction support
Kink-aware Professionals Directory
National Domestic Violence Helpline
Sophie Lancaster Foundation
The groups, individuals, and businesses who’ve helped to promote us, donated time and money to us, and generally given us a helping hand when we needed it. We are very, very appreciative!
Andrew O’Neill
Arcanum Accessories
Jed Phoenix
Nigel Boulton Photography
Rosie Lugosi
Durka Dewithers
A number of people and publications have been kind enough to write about us and what we’re doing. Selected links are here. If you’ve done a write-up and want to let us know, contact us here.
Dave Hubble Art, Craft and Words
The Blogging Goth