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This is our new website. It is currently in development and will be ready for full access soon.
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Hi All,

As announced recently it was agreed at the AGM to drop the ‘The’ from the charity’s name making us simply, Queer Alternative.

We’ve now got new banners and flyers with our new web address and name and listing this year’s prides (pictures below).

If you need flyers then please shout (for large amounts the images are also available for arranging your own printing).

Sometime soon you’ll also see the name changing on our website and social media.

We’ve again got more prides than the previous year planned and hopefully we’ll keep on expanding this.

Hopefully see you at a pride or other event soon!

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May be of interest to people within reach of London:

I was going to make some pithy and pertinent comment about how cool this fabric would be for the ultimate Queer Goth and then I watched the video and my heart is in my mouth, tears in my eyes.

This is what acceptance means!

This is fantastic news