2019 Prides
We are still following up with various pride organisations to get information and book places but below is a list
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Who's joining us for Southampton Pride?

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Thoroughly delayed post Hampshire Pride post!

Thanks so much to everyone who came along and walked in the parade with us, all 2 of you xD

I failed to take any pictures during the event but luckily managed to photobomb our banner into 2 on the Daily Echo. See here,

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The trustees have been discussing plans for attending Prides this year and are on the fence about doing London.

We would love to do it, as it was by far our most attended Pride last year. However it's also the most difficult to arrange and one of the most expensive.
Therefore we need some of you to step up as volunteer organisers to help out in organising the event and take on responsibilities on the day.

Responsibilities leading up to the event include:
* Applying for the event on the london pride website
* Advertising the event on social media
* Responding to questions about the event
* Maintaining a list of names of those who intend to attend.

Responsibilities on the day:
* Arriving EARLY at a muster point
* Acquiring and distributing wristbands using the list
* Pulling the speaker
* Holding the banner
* Bringing and carrying water
* Handing out flyers
* Safety officers looking out for people misbehaving or looking unwell

Lastly is the matter of funding. We need more fundraising done in London if we're to keep attending this event. It's a pound a wristband which we can just afford this year but if we want to keep attending we'll need more donations from the London area than last year.

The deadline for registration is the 17th of March so if you want London Pride to happen we'll need at least 3 committed, capable people to put their names forward ideally a week before then.

It was great fun last year and we really want to keep seeing all you beautiful people every year so we hope you step up!